I am Andrea Lea and am a Norwegian photographer based in Norway and the UK, where I lately have been involved in some exciting events and projects such as Hull International Photography festival 2015. In addition to having two solo exhibitions in HIP fest, I was also involved in the arrangements and rigging of the festival, which turned out to be nothing but a great success.

HIP fest is run from the Hull International Photography gallery and Pride of Place art gallery in Hull, where I am now running FAY club; a Fine Art Photography youth group for 11-16 year olds every Saturday morning. 

As a photographer I am mostly inspired by strange places where people live their lives differently and accordingly to their particular environment; therefore I mainly take photographs when I am out travelling. I also enjoy landscape photography with a touch of fine art, as I often find straight up landscape photography a bit dull..

My current project is ” Life on the Allotment’ “, which represents to me a strange but peaceful place where people from the same community come together to grow various vegetables and fruits.

Sharing a fairly small piece of land with neighbors and strangers is a very unusual concept to me, as I am used to being surrounded by vast forests and everyone having their own piece of land to grow food and keep animals. I was therefore astonished by these allotments that allow some lucky people on this densely populated island to have their own kitchen gardens.


(October 2015) Hull International Photography Festival, Hull, East Yorkshire

(18-21 July 2014) “TURF” Fine Art Photography exhibition at the Bargehouse, London, UK

(15-20 May 2011) “Ingen Grenser” at Øvre Eiker Kommunehus, Darbu, Norway

(4-5 February 2011) “Fine Art” exhibition at Svendsrud Skinnhandel, Mysen, Norway

(10-13 October 2010) Photography exhibition at Festiviteten, Mysen, Norway


(2011-2014) Fine Art Photography graduate at Bournemouth Arts University, UK

(2010-2011) Photography at Buskerud Folk High School, Norway

(2008-2011) Media and Communication at Mysen VGS (College), Norway


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