2 Days before the launch of Hull International Photography Festival!

The opening for Hull International Photography Festival is now only two days away, 18.30 on Friday it all kicks off and I am so excited! Managers, volunteers and everyone involved in the POP and HIP galleries, have worked their asses off for a long time now to make this a success, which I know for a fact it will be. The galleries are sparkling after a serious overhaul and the work we have received and hung in Prinny’ Quay look amazing. Artists such as Frieke Janssen, Peter Denchthe, John Bulmer, Ami Barwell and the whole Royal Photographic Society’s collection are to be seen in the POP, HIP, Bank and Republic galleries in the shopping centre, and many more taking place in Hull Central Library, Western Library and St. Mary’s Church.

My own work, “Odda Smelteverk”, “Car Graveyard” and “Bathroom Stories” can be seen in the tower of St. Mary’s Church and the two libraries around town. Below is my poster;


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