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Summer update.

Back in Norway for a little while to visit family and friends, enjoy the (normally brilliant) Norwegian summer, earn some kroners and create work for the HIP Fest in October. I have been asked to exhibit work at the Hull International Photography Festival this year, which I am tremendously excited for! I was also asked to help organising and setting up the festival, which I am looking forward to get on with when returning to the UK.

Here are some shots from revisit I recently made to the car graveyard in Sweden, a truly amazing place that my mom first took me to when I was about five years old. Since then I have returned to the tucked away car dump a hand full of times and witnessed the deterioration of the vehicles throughout a time span of 20 years.

This time I realised how much the site has changed from the very first visit, where the cars were still very very much intact and stood as separate objects interfering and littering the beautiful surrounding nature. Since then the forest has devoured the cars and the scrap and it has slowly become part of the landscape, making it a wonderful site of art to explore.

It used to be a car shop that was operating until it shut down in the 1930’s due to a new road that was build. The shop was closed and forgotten and became a place for people to come and dump their cars ever since. There are hundreds of different vehicles from the 30’s till up around the 50’s and 60’s, piled up and placed all over. I love this place and will continue going there until the Swedish government decides to clear it up or thieves steal all the good stuff!

Will upload more photographs when I have gone through them all 🙂